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Buy Online Fresh Certified Organic Food Compound Products

Buy Online Fresh Certified Organic Food Compound Products

Buy Online Fresh Certified Organic Food Compound Products : An organic product is derived from the living plant along with animals and from the material produce by agriculture. Different types of organic products using modern approach of agriculture are available nowadays. Use of organic products is mainly use for Organic groceries, Organic Vegetables, Organics Clothes, Organic Basic foods like Animals, Poultry Goat Farms. About Organic products have several categories; it can be made cultivated, treated as a organic treatment. No use of chemical and no pesticides use to producing the products Most of the countries have very rigorous rules for consumer’s safety and security guidelines. The harmful Products consume by user. Every country has their standard scales to define the quality and purity of product as organic products. (N. O. P) National organic program to define cultivated guidelines as organic products.

Buy Online Fresh Certified Organic Food Compound Products

Buy Online Fresh Certified Organic Food Compound Products

 Ten best organic Certified products     

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruits
  3. Organic pulses
  4. Fruit juice
  5. Food grains
  6. Milk
  7. Meat
  8. Tea
  9. Eggs
  10. Beverages

 Organic food

Organic food is grown without the use of synthetic chemically based fertilizers or pesticides. It’s not the mean that any pesticides restrict any non synthetic pesticide can be used in organic food. It’s not allowed for genetically modified or not been Irradiated, but in generally organic farming features practice to recycle the resources and promote the ecological balance and biodiversity generally organic food products are not usually processed by using the industrial solvents and synthetic food additives. Technically the organic Fresh food you grown in your home food garden so don’t use the any synthetic pesticides and the chemically fertilizer unless you can claim your garden foods as organic foods In the order of considered organic animals product Meat comes from animals. To their animals they only have diet under the terms and conditions. Approved by the animal health and welfare Society and under organic process the animals cannot be feed with the antibiotics and the vaccines to increase the growth hormones. Fertilizers and use of pesticides in farming has caused they damage worldwide to the local ecosystems, biodiversity and the ground earth water and the drinking water supplies got contaminated causing harmful toxicity for the health of farmer too.

 Fruits and vegetables:

Difference between washing and cleaning. Cleaning chemicals residues from outside sprayed is just to remove the chemicals. But what about those fertilizer, who had been sprayed on the plants, those chemicals were soaked with toxins in the plants. These substances will remain in the plants or products, it’s impossible to clean, wash. Use of these chemicals also affects the quality of taste and smell of the products. While in the comparison of conventional Farming, all organic farming produces the products with amazing taste, and colors. The taste is much juicy and sweeter. To stay crop longer fresh, use the light on the sun.

Poultry: organic poultry and livestock is an organic approach, to offer done to a sustainable way. Such as the natural cycle of fowls droppings can be used as safe fertilizer without the fear of toxic substances which could contaminate the arsenic residues to the soil down to the rivers and canals the ocean.

organic poultry

organic poultry

Meats: The Organic feeds and care of the animals with grass, succulent plants have natural nutrients and natural antibiotic properties, that helps the animal increase their capabilities to fighting diseases and acquire stronger immune system. Giving these animals with Ozonized Water Approved from the health and protection from the Government, will prevent the animals from catching catastrophic illnesses

Milk: Organic milk is the best and most essential food source for growth, development of the brain, healthy muscles and bones. Organic milk has 60% of Omega-3 essential fatty acids compared to those animals fed with processed food. The benefits of Grass feedings are the animals produces more healthy milk and tasty yogurts. In comparison to animals injected with hormones their milk have smell that over pasteurization is done, which also kills the nutrients of the milk. The most detrimental reasons why these animals were injected with hormones and antibiotics because it can also affect humans which can develop resistance in fighting diseases and can cause foul smell and their dropping will affected to the environment.

Organic food cost:

Organic food cost is significantly higher compared to the conventional food because the production spent for the cost of chemical and antibiotics and synthetic pesticides is cheaper.  It the choice of doing the conventional farmers for the making more profits. The reasons why Organic products cost more are because of the comprehensive demands of quality labor intensive and care of the Organic natural attention process. The ratios and its deference’s were measured in a positive approach about the future outcomes of everyone’s health and the importance of caring of our environment. We have to choose what is beneficial for our overall health. Otherwise we will have to living in a toxic unhealthy world.

Cost Concerns:-

There are many ways how to cut cost of expensive ways and expenditures in Organic Farming it can be done in a creative way. Ozone Life 02-03 is a devise we used to help Organic Farming save lots of money, to be able to realistically be cost effective and productive in the success in the implementation of Organic Farming.

  1. No chemical means more labor: – Conventional farmer are using mostly choice of chemicals and synthetic pesticides, to reducing the cost of production done faster and more efficiently without thinking of the future consequences. In comparison of Conventional farmers , the organic farmers needs to hire more number of employees, to complete the cleaning and the polluted water out and the toxic pollution effects of the pesticide  from farms.
  2. Demands overwhelm supply: – In 2008 according to the U. S. D. A. , 58% of Americans prefer to use the organic food. Too much demand of organic based products, organic farms has less production compared to the conventional farm. .
  3. Higher cost of natural fertilizer:-Higher cost of natural fertilizer for organic crops With processing of conventional farming the farmers doesn’t pay too much cost for their fertilizers, because it’s cheaper and available easily, but in comparison of conventional farming its expensive for organic farming to grow their crops with using the natural compost, animals manure and green fertilizer is more expensive for shipping. .
  4. Crop Rotation: – Instead of using the chemical for killing the insects, organic farmers has a cycle system crop rotation of keep their soil healthy and preventing the growth of weed. Therefore they use the crop rotation cycle system. After harvesting the crops, they cover the crops to add more nitrogen in the soil for the next crop plantations. Conventional Farmers unable to crop rotation, its expensive for them production the large amount of crops.
  5. Post-harvesting:- Post-harvesting handling cost of organic products need to be separated, in comparable than the conventional products after the harvest conventional crops are easily shipped in a large amount because more crops are being produced. Organic farm harvesting is lesser with higher cost of shipping.
  6. Organic certification: – USDA Organic certification is not easy to obtain and it is expensive organic farmers usually need under cultivation facility method and strict production certification. To maintain this, you must update the Daily Record to keep the record available for inspection for certification. it need to Hire a professional employee . Organic farmers have to pay fees for certification and inspection, it must be updated each year and the fee varies of farm by the size and area.
  7. Organic foods grow slowly:- its consuming time and less earning.
  8. Better living conditions for livestock: – Animals welfare and the higher standards, which means higher cost of organic farms. According to the food and agriculture organization, the organic feed for animals has twice much as the conventional feed.

 List of the pesticides free organic food products

  1. Onion
  2. Pineapple
  3. Mangoes
  4. Sweet corn
  5. Avocado
  6. Sweet peas
  7. Egg plant
  8. Kiwi
  9. Watermelon
  10. Sweet potatoes

Organic Farming:

Organic farming was implemented by way back in the early 20th century. Its rapid response took positive feedback to change healthy ways. Here we are serving you as our technology we are able to describe the practice of using natural dynamic species, what our concept is all about. People have the importance of organic farming without using chemicals or synthetic pesticides.

Recent environmentally ills in Farming:-

Because of farming abuse, our global environment has been changing significantly. Durability is not considered a balance and is represented by different industrial countries. Farmers ‘ choices with crop and food supplies and accelerated demand of weather will be difficult to decide whether to choose traditional farming or organic farming. Deciding every option would be very difficult for farmers, but sometimes only get greed. That’s why people are suffering ill. Traditional farming are growing more due to resistance with pesticides and insects, bug sprays are not working, these are obvious events that farmers use strong and toxic chemicals. Everyone is suffers and sick and we eat the products of those chemicals and insect plant.

Demands of Agriculture:-

Demands and needs of food is linked to climate change. Demand and food needs are linked to climate change. Deforestation has been started. Rivers eroded and minerals were washed away. Fishes die from lack of oxygen and food. The dangers of destruction of forests made elevated of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. World population has been staggering and it would reach to 9. 7 billion people. This will be living in a toxic environment. Lesser and lesser small Organic farmers survived in farming that is why they changed to conventional farming.  Eventually environment became sick because of daily uses of the chemicals.

Behind the Techniques of Organic Farming:-

Organic farming is a technique which is involved with plant cultivation and using cattle dung, the natural ways organic farming method that avoids large use of synthetic compounds, fertilizer development regulators, pesticides, genetically modified organisms and additives livestock food. Now an organic agricultural organization has started many programs and methods of developing organic farming. These methods we used to cure the soil with Ozone Life O2-O3, this relies on the oxidizing the bad chemicals in the soil by emerging the soil with the Ozonated Plasma Activated Water. Then applying the organic origin fertilizer such as compost of green Manure or bone meal, animal’s manures, legumes, of farm organic waste, minerals baring rocks and aspects of biological control to maintain soil productivity and supply plant and control insects, weeds and pests. Organic methods increases farm productivity repair the environmental damages, small farm families does more creative sustainable distribution network, they improved food security during last couple of years, it’s too much increment number of farmers shown the interest in farming.

Organic farming is the only way to produce healthy crops with self reliance and food security. This increases systematically in the health of organic farming soils and also reduces the incidence of worms and diseases. More people used chemical fertilizers and used pesticides worldwide and have had huge losses in the local ecosystem, groundwater, biodiversity, drinking water supplies, minerals and soil fertility. And the health of farmers has also been heavily harmed.

Advantages of organic farming:-

  1. Organic farming helps to minimize the risk of diseases, illness and disorder in body.
  2. Organic farming helps sustainable levels of agricultural production.
  3. it’s reduced the cost of agricultural production and also improves the soil health integrated condition.
  4. Its also reduce the risk of crops failures.
  5. Its reduce irritants in to the human body. As well as to our Pasteur. Controlling the organisms:
  6. Encouraging Beneficial Microorganisms.
  7. Planting companion crops.
  8. Using biologic pesticides and herbicides.
  9. Using sanitation to remove pest habitat.
  10. Destroy weeds before planting.
  11. Using insect-traps to monitor and control incest populations.

 What are organic compounds?

In general organic compounds are substances that contain carbon, organic compound is a member of large class of chemical containing one and more carbon atom are contently linked to each other atoms by bonds and found in the cells of living organisms. Most are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen or many specific elements that make up the makeup of the organic compound in addition to carbon. And living in organisms is known to limit the extraordinary potential of carbon-causing millions of molecules associated with their organic compounds. In the study of catenation chemistry, carbon, such as four available electron covalent chemical bonds, spawned energy for reproduction. Chemical reactions in the cells of animals and plants. Organic molecule produce compounds based on reactions and provide food and a better life apart from the process is needed.

Carbon is a versatile element and it is found in many different compounds including those that are found in space. Carbon Versatile It can be formed to one, two, three sizes, ring sizes or any sizes.

Significance of Carbon and its importance in living mechanism:

A wonderful ability to bind and follow elements of many types is carbon; it has the ability to bond. Convert human and animal energy into use of oxygen. Oxygen is needed and it is necessary in order to continue to maintain venue and to supply carbon bonds to the cells of humans and animals. To return to the atmosphere as a waste product the respirators can also be beneficial where plants are absorbed in the process called photosynthesis.

Why Carbon is essential element to life?

Complex molecules are made up of Carbon intact and bonded with other elements most specially oxygen and hydrogen, also with nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. Canon is abundant on Earth, it is lightweight and with small size making it possible for enzymes to manipulate. Water (H20) which has 2-hydrogen and Oxygen, has also unique properties that makes it as an essential component to life and it’s very clear as a fact that as several millions of chemicals we know of that concludes carbon and water is definitely essential ingredients to life.

Types of organic compounds

1) Protein

2) Lipids

3) Nucleic acid

4) Carbohydrates Proteins:

Some proteins have very large molecules with complex structures that allow them to take important role in organic chemical reaction. Proteins are long chains of amino acid that form the basis of life, these foods contains all the essential amino acids and the best source of organic foods such as meat, dairy, and eggs or organic fruits and veggies.

 Benefits of organic proteins:

Hair, nails are mostly made of proteins for repairing the tissues and build the body with proteins they are important for human functions it has the ability to increase the Hormones, Enzymes and other body elements which comes from proteins. It is building blocks our body’s foundation such as of bone density, structured muscles, healthy skin and for our blood.


A more complicated group of organic compounds including fat, oil, hormones and certain components in our membrane that are group together, they include such as hydrocarbon chain which also have a part where chain binding with oxygen and three organic compounds namely carbons, hydrogen, oxygen and carbohydrates and some lipids are chemical messenger between cells tissue and organs such as steroids and hormones.

Benefits of Organic Lipids:

Lipids that also known as fats and oils have many main important role in our body and to our sustainable needs, it’s not only humans will benefit it’s also to animals and living functionality. The essentially of lipids can be expected from raising H.D.L. a gram of fat, contains more double amount of the energy presents in a gram of carbohydrates, a naturally occurring healthy lipids which evidently provides healthy body and youthful skin.

 Nucleic Acid:

Nucleic Acid is part of the building blocks of our body, it’s a complex organic substance present in living cells present in our DNA and RNA, and those molecules consist in many nucleotide’s linked in a long chain.

Substance of organic food compound carbohydrates: Hemoglobin, Chlorophyll, Enzymes, Hormones and Vitamins. Humans are composed organic Materials for their comforts, health and convenience.

Examples such as organic compounds clothes made from, Wool, Silk and Synthetic fibers.

Common fuels – Wood, Coal, Petroleum and Natural Gases. Compound uses for protective coatings – Varnishes or Paints. Synthetic drugs and lacquers – Enamels, Antibiotics.

Natural and synthetic – Rubbers, Dyes and Pesticides.

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