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Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) Fresh and Dry leafs, Powder Uses, Benefits and Side Effects for Diabetes

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) Fresh and Dry leafs, Powder Uses, Benefits and Side Effects for Diabetes

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) Fresh and Dry leafs, Powder Uses, Benefits and Side Effects for Diabetes

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) Fresh and Dry leafs, Powder Uses, Benefits and Side Effects for Diabetes

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant)

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) (Koen. ex Retz.) Sm.

Family: Zingiberaceae

Indian names:

Hindi:- Keu;

Bengali:- Kust;

Gujarati:- Pokaramul;

Kannada:- Chengalvakoshtu;

Malayalam:- Chinnakoova, Koettam;

Marathi:- Penva

Punjabi:- Keoli;

Sanskrit:- Kushta;

Tamil:- Kottam, Kuraaram

Telugu:- Kimuka ca.

Description of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) :-

An erect herb with rhizomatous horizontal root-stock. Leaves 15-30 cm long, almost without petiole, silky pubescent beneath, Flowers white with red bracts, tubular, in dense 5-13 cm long spike. Fruit red, trigonous (2 cm diameter) capsule; seeds black.

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Distribution of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) :-

This plant is found all over India, especially in plains and up to about 1,200 m; quite common in waste and user lands. It is also cultivated for ornament and for its rhizomes.

Drug and properties of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) :-

The drug comprises the fresh and dried rhizomes of this plant. The rhizome is mucilaginous and feebly astringent. It is credited with purgative and tonic properties. The root is said to be purgative and is used in Uttar Pradesh as a tonic, anthelmintic and aphrodisiac. Root is also used in catarrhal fever, cough, dyspepsia, worms, skin diseases and snake- bites.

This species is one of the indigenous sources for steroid synthesis; however, the percentage of diosgenin is lesser in Dioscorea species.

An anti-fertility, anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic activity of steroidal compound isolated from this plant has been experimentally demonstrated. Some steroidal compounds have also shown local anesthetic action.

Alkaloids from rhizomes have been found to possess antispasmodic, cardiotonic, hydrochloric and diuretic activities; also essential treatment for central nervous system.

Chemical Constituents of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) :-

Phytochemical screening indicates the presence of:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Triterpenoids
  • Proteins
  • Alkaloids
  • Tannins
  • Saponins
  • Flavonoids
  • Sterols
  • Active & effective oils
  • Antioxidants
  • Carsolic Acid

Test in Analysis using powder microscopy of the Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) leaf :-

  • Leaf showed of unicellular trichomes.
  • Hexacyclic stomata
  • Abaxial solitary bundle
  • Calcium oxalate crystals

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) is known as the Insulin plant which contains Carosolic Acid helps to generate insulin thereby treating insulin in a Naturopathic Applications with diabetes successfully.

Chemical Constituents of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant):-

  • Carosolic Acid
  • Carbohydrates
  • Triterpenoids
  • Proteins
  • Alkaloids
  • Tannins
  • Saponin
  • Flavonoids
  • Sterols
  • Active tea extracts and essential oil
  • Anti-oxidants

Carosolic Acid in Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant):-

This substance can help improve the sensitivity of insulin receptors in all  parts of the cells in the body. Insulin has to bind to this receptor to allow the blood glucose to enter into the cells of the body.

Carosolic Acid improves the sensitivity of the insulin receptor by inhibiting protein in the body called tyrosine phosphatase which reduces insulin receptor site activity.

Carosolic Acid has “the’, ability to open the entire new path in cells for insulin to enter into the cells.

This pathway is called  Glut-4 glucose transporter  which leads to facilitate the uptake of the glucose into the muscles of the body. This has a tremendous affect on blood glucose levels because there are numerous muscle mass in the body. Besides of these mechanisms, there are also studies show that Carosolic Acid can inhibit our own body to produce and manufacture glucose in a process called gluconeogenesis, this process can help the body balance glucose levels in the body. This is also one main reason why Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) is known to be the natural insulin tea without causing complications to the body.

5 Best Symptoms of Diabetes In Children and Teenagers

5 Best Symptoms of Diabetes In Children and Teenagers

Effectiveness of Carosolic Acid in Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) :-

The natural extract contains compounds that has been used safely as a primitive and a very effective herb and sustainable supplement for the Naturopathic implementation, mainly in reversing hyperglycemia.

History Profile of Costus Igneus (Insulin plant) :-

This plant have a clean profile in healing several illnesses and it had been used for thousands of years by people around the world and it has been revered to as a saving rescuer of illnesses of all types of diseases listed and documented as cures form Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) is safe and good tasting, no side effects, and no allergic reactions.

Precautions in drinking Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) :-

If the diabetes is severe and had been normalized and corrected, the dosage of the leaf has to be lowered to use three leaves for continued health and prevention.

Importance of Naturopathic Healing with Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) :-

In the Approach of Naturopathic Medicine Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) happens to be the most versatile herbs when it comes to healing the body mind and balance in wellness and internal functions of the organs and healthy circulation. To mention some of these healing brought hopes to those who are using Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) and “Revered” as the miracle plant. The dramatic healing capability ever recorded was the reversal of Diabetes, Cancer Prevention, normalization of Cholesterols and Heart Cardiovascular recovery and Stroke. The most famous one is also the softening of Kidney Stones, stimulates soft easy urination thus healing the bladder functions. It protects the good cells from the bad cells from spreading while killing the cancer cells due to its natural chemical a natural content of this Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) extract. It had the ability to inhibit floriferous ( It Means to say The Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) Extract well prevent the spreading the deadly cancer cells into the body ) effect on Cancer Cells.

Diabetes Naturopathic Cure with Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant):-

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) is definitely miracle plant when it comes to healing this Metabolic Syndrome or as they call Domino Effect. This substance called Carosolic acid is a powerful constituents that is responsible to many healing capabilities of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) which is the cause of normalizing the increased level of blood glucose in the body that is regulated with wonders of the fructose, the natural substance coming from Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant). The Substance which regulates the sugar that is present in the leaves and bark of the plant. regular intake of this extract in tea preparation can prevent chronic inflammations in the future as prevention measures when high glucose will spike up. This prevention is necessary to avoid metabolic syndrome in which will attack the organs in the body.

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) has this natural substance called Prebiotic.

Prebiotic is a friendly bacteria that can help with smooth digestion in the intestines which is essential for proper absorption of nutrients. A good bacteria is also needed for lubricant in the intestines, and helps smoothens the stool.

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) is a bacteria protectant:-

Methanolic Extract of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) showed from the test and found out to be a protective substance of maximum anti bacterial properties against gram positive Bacillus Cereus, Bacillus Megaterium, Micrococcus Lactis, and gram -negative strains Pseudomonas Aerogenis, Klebsiella, Pneumoniae, Salmonella, Typhimurium.

7 Major Problems In Diabetic Patient

7 Major Problems In Diabetic Patient

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) as an Anti-Cancer Anti-Floriferous Anti- Metatistic effect of Cancerous cells in the body:-

Consuming Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) as a tea drink using the leaf and bark daily had shown remarkable results in preventing growth on cancer cells in the body. The leaf and the bark have the substance found in Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) that have anti- proliferation and anti-aging cancer potential, the bark have the most effective anti-cancer activities HT29 and A549 cells.

Hypolipidemic Activity of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant):-

Using Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) tea leaf infusion while drinking daily had successfully reversed Diabetic conditions of previously Hyperlipidemia conditions to normal Hypolipidemia. The studies and effects of people taking methanolic aqueous extracts at 100 mg./kg. Weight had dramatically dropped and got reversed; the diabetic conditions of Hypolipidemia.

Other groups that are heavier in weight in the abdominal areas had been given 400 mg./kg. daily had remarkably loose the fat in the abdomen and had significantly lowered the levels of serum LDL-cholesterol and levels of triglycerides.

Success of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) in healing Kidney failure and prevention :-

The leaves and rhizomes of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) have this substance that is safe natural diuretic effect while it balances the clearance of sodium and potassium clearance for urination and improves to excrete fluids and toxins from kidney.

Prevention Protocols By Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) :-

This prevention will serve as a remarkable technique and enhances the effectiveness of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) in terms of extractions of the leaves and the rhizomes. The use of Ozone Life 02-03 Activated Plasma Water will extract the concentration of the effective substances of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant). Drinking this oxygenated Water 02-03 Plasma Activated extract daily will prevent from getting kidney failures or kidney malfunction and dialysis normalcy . The extract substance of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) have the staggering result in acceleration of immune system and organ protectors. The substance of organic Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) have a powerful natural grown that increment this natural anti-oxide properties which can turn around immediately the immune system by getting rid of the free radicals from the body.

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) With Activated Ozone O3

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant)
With Activated Ozone O3

Prevention and process of immunity Protocol:-

By means of boiling infusion of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) leaf daily with Ozone Life 02-03 can immensely fortify and extract more valuable active substances from the leaf, bark and rhizomes this process helps the extract maintains its refreshing taste for many days in the refrigerator. Only use stainless steel when boiling the Activated Plasma 02-03 Water. Don’t use aluminum pans or pots. When it’s infused you may add honey, agave, beet sugar, or grape sugar.

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Preserving the life of Costus Igneus

(Insulin Plant) Substance:-

Directions how to Preserve the Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant). During the process of preservation of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) dried plants, put this dried leaves, bark, rhizomes in a dried clean big bowl turn on your Ozone Life 02-03 Machine for 30 minutes and insert inside the tourmaline ball in the bottom part of the ball and cover it with a clean towel or a clean cloth.If you want for more effective results add the time for another 30 minutes. After it’s done purifying place the Costus leaf in a sterile container and cover it tightly.

Reduction of Fats and Cholesterol with Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant)

Reduction of Fats and Cholesterol with Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant)

Reduction of Fats and Cholesterol with Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant):-

The reason why we incorporated Ozone Life 02-03 with Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) because of high content of water in this plant species which is essential for this water solubility introduced oxygenation with 02-03. The benefits will be profound pirating the importance of solubility to slow down the absorption of glucose from the digestive system into the blood. The dynamics of Ozone Life 02-03, will enhance this capability and normalize the digestive system which regulates the insulin production and sugar absorption ability to the body.

Consuming daily with the tea infusion will break down the cholesterol from food. If you have higher rate of cholesterol you are at risk in having a heart attack and stroke or cancer. It is important to do some exercises and preventive measures to avoid these Metabolic Syndrome.

9 Fast Knowing Symptoms Of Diabetes

9 Fast Knowing Symptoms Of Diabetes

Bronchitis and Asthma Attack and Prevention:-

Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) has the ability to control and slow down the inflammation in the airways of the lungs and throughout the heart muscles, it also helps the to calm down then soothes the muscles in the lungs that is initiated to become tighter and blocked the oxygen passages during asthma attack, this condition is a respiratory disorder which can become acute when not treated. Bronchitis symptoms can immediately tire up a person due to the swelled inflamed muscle tissues in the mucous membranes of bronchial passages in the lungs.

Natural Chemical Constituents of Quercetin Found In Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) :-

This substance is considered as medicine in all applications of healing. This extracts yields the most colorful and powerful antioxidant flavonoid properties know to man. The range of healing and cure were outstanding capabilities, as well as  healing the inflammation, eliminates pain, protect against cardiovascular diseases, guards the cancer cells not to cause proliferation, boost immune system, reduced histamine and irritation of the skin.

Cures of Quercetin from Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant):-

This powerful substance is the responsible to these cures and healing:

Diabetes is the main illness that reversed Diabetic conditions. Schizophrenia, Inflammation, Gout, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Prevention of Cancer, Treating Chronic Infectious of Prostate, Endurance of Athletics and Performance in Stamina. Reduced the Risk of Cancer and Coronary Heart Disease, Prevents Stroke and Lowers Blood Pressure, Protects cells from Oxidative Damage. The most important properties of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant), it has the capability which is called a Mask Cell Inhibitory Actions. It decrease (TSH)-Modulated RNA Levels of the Thyroids Restricted Genes Sodium L-Iodide Supporter (NIS), Ease Allergies, Naturopathic Histamine, Balances Phyto Estrogens excellent in Thyroid.

Other uses of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant):-

The rhizome of Costus Igneus (Insulin Plant) is edible after cooking. It is rich in starch, but the fibrous content is high in comparison to other tuberous foods.


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