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Welcome to DR Organic Products:

Ever since I was in Adolescence age, I was already exposed to work hard in the farm, my

Chores was my daily regiment and I don’t wait for my parents to tell me to do the work because

Took my work as inspiration seeing the plants grew by means of hardworking attitudes. My

Grandpa was my Idol, my technical teacher; his teachings had molded my skills in doing things

And searching knowledge to the answers of the questions of What, Where, When, Why

And who. These quest was the foundations of my choices of both Professional Carers as a

Certified Pharmacist and a Certified Naturopathic Dr.

Farming at a young age had made me learn several skills in Different approach in Farming

Specially the variety of ways in Organic Skillful methods. I love India, my country of Green plants

and rich soil, farmed Organically . This land has potentials and opportunities to grow, learn

and teach to get better In life. This my dream that someday I will encourage people to come in

India in a positive manner in which I cultivated the ways of sharing knowledge in every aspects

of planning, plantings, caring and learn the love of work ethics.

My Dad is also a Naturopathic Dr., he and my Mom taught all what they could and showed me

the importance of responsibilities, they are both my foundation of who I am now. We (my Dad

and me ) bond each other by searching Naturopathic Medicines in the Forest and plant

medicinal herbs used in our Naturopathy Clinics.

Creating this website is the start of how I can inspire you, my readers and meet me here in the

free country of India. The approach of Pharmaceutical and Naturopathic Ideals had balanced

my ancient backgrounds in healing and merging with advanced explored scientific technology

and dynamics.

I began to search much further to prove that the basics work. Skills and knowledge can always

be recreated, new dimensions is investable and I’m ready to prove to humanity.

Please Subscribe and follow our ideals, as we progressed will essential technologies and


Thank You,


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